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Old Movies

The Tough Task in the Old Movies Is to  Conduct the Witter in the Court is Save And Sound Condition For More Funny Jokes Please visit the Links Below Miss To Santa where you Born Husband: Tum bohut Haseen ho Are selfies posing a safety risk in your workplace?    

funny weekend quotes

The Day of Saturday spend with the  happiness that tomorrow is Sunday And the Day of Sunday  spend with the groom that   tomorrow is Monday For more Funny jokes Please see below Start of Sunday     Sunday and light speed     Book and Student’s weakness

teacher student jokes

Teacher : Name Any Ten Chemical Elements Papu: Oxygen,Chlorine, Fluorine, Bromean, Noreen,Ambreen,Sumreen,Nosheen, Rameen,Yasmeen For More Funny jokes Please Click below  Teacher Shock Student Rock Teacher to Papu: Why you not came yesterday?  


Pappu : What is politics Father Father: Let’s Suppose your mother take care of home And she is Government Am earn so Assume Am Wazir The servant work at home Assume her Labor And you Assume yourself as Awam And Younger bother will be Future of the coutry. Papu:Now i understand politics  Father : Last

Married Life and Murder story

Married Life and Murder story The most briefest murder story: Wife: Are you listening?? Husband: No For more funny stuff about Husband wife jokes click on the links below: Husband wife fights   Wife to press husband’s clothes   husband wife love fights